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Hornchurch Aerodrome Historical Trust

Hornchurch Aerodrome Historical Trust

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Suttons House
was originally used by RAF Hornchurch from September 1939 until 1946.

After a 30-year campaign this beautiful 1930’s building became home to The RAF Hornchurch Heritage Centre. Since 2019 the Heritage Centre hass housed a permanent collection of artefacts, photographs and personal stories relating to this famous aerodrome’s history

We here at Hornchurch Model Club are fully aware of the history of the village and it’s vital role during the second world war and as such we have a keen interest in building scale model representations of the various aircraft flown from the Aerodrome.

In 2021 our Secretary Graham Hill approached the Heritage Centre with the idea of forging a mutually beneficial partnership where by we promote them at the various model shows we attend and they will promote our club to visitors.

We have also undertaken to provide the Heritage Centre with some scale models to go on display that cover specific Pilots or Squadrons that have flown from the aerodrome during its operational life.

Steve Smith Defiant                                             Ian Brown Blenhiem

Airfix 1/48th Boulton Paul Defiant Mk.1 by Steve Smith                                                         Airfix 1/48th Bristol Blenhiem Mk. 1F by Ian Brown

John Huston Finucane

Wg. Cdr. 1/9 Brendan 'Paddy' Finucane by John Huston